Gogebic Medical Care Facility Emergency Plan

The Gogebic Medical Care Facility has a written plan for disasters/emergencies that may potentially occur at our facility. This play is called our Site Emergency Plan. This plan has procedures for staff to follow to ensure that our residents and staff are kept safe in teh event of a disaster/emergency that may happen either at our facility or in our surrounding area. GMCF’s staff are trained and drilled on all Emergency procedures. Our emergency plan includes a Hazard and Vulnerability Assessment that rates the likelihood of an event happening, whether it is naturally occurring, human related, technological, or a hazardous material event in our geographic area. Our Site Emergency plans nad procedures are abased off of this hazard vulnerability assessment.

The Site Emergency Plan events include: Threats, Fire, Bomb threat, tornado/severe weather, loss of utilities, contaminated water, building evacuation, missing resident, pandemic, building lockdown and shelter in place. Our plan contains a communication plan with several communication options to notify staff and resident families of an emergency event. We also have several agreements updated annually with our local and regional emergency management offices, transportation providers, supply vendors, and other agencies to provide services to us during a disaster/emergency. Resident’s families will be notified by phone in the vent that a complete building evacuation is necessary. Our plan int he vent of an emergency is to shelter in place at our facility all residents until it is deemed unsafe to stay. In the event we do need to fully evacuate our building, a plan is in place to transport all residents to the Wakefield Municipal Building, Aspirus Ironwood Hospital, Wakefield/Marenisco School, or to one of the other long term care facilities in the area or throughout the U.P. that we have agreements with to temporarily house our residents. We also maintain and update annually a continuity of operations plans to continue to operate safely and continue with the essential functions when normal facility operations are disrupted. All of the content of our Site Emergency Plan, as well as all the mutual aid agreements are updated annually. If you have an questions on GMCF’s Site Emergency Plan please feel free to contact Mark Ahonen, Director of Maintenance and Service Support at (906)224-9811 Extension 105.

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