Rehab Care

Gogebic Medical Care Facility offers Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy services.

The Rehabilitation Department (nicknamed the “gym”) is located on the ground floor, south wing of our building. The gym is open from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM (CST). Our residents are escorted to the gym with the assistance of our rehabilitation team. We employ a full time Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, and Speech Therapist. To ensure our residents’ rehabilitation needs are met we also employ Physical Therapy Assistants, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants, as well as Restorative staff members.

Both Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy provide screening for our residents. If a resident meets certain criteria in the screening, a treatment order and evaluation is pursued.

Physical Therapy

The Physical Therapy program emphasizes the evaluation of strength, mobility and coordination, and then establishes rehabilitation programs to help restore or maintain the resident’s optimal level of function. Many residents are rehabilitated to their optimal level, allowing them to return home.

Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapy program emphasizes assisting residents with improving daily life functions, sling and splint fitting with wear schedules, adaptive equipment techniques, active range of motion, hand strengthening exercises, and a bladder continence training program.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy emphasizes evaluation, treatment and therapy for residents with swallowing problems, as well as interventions to improve speech production and expression behavior — such as the ability to name common functional items and speech patterns.

Restorative CNA and Maintenance

In addition, Gogebic Medical Care has a Restorative CNA and Maintenance program for each resident after they are discharged from their formal rehabilitation program. These programs address the resident’s activities of daily living and functioning level while promoting independence. In addition, staff does range of motion, gait and transfer training, stretching, therapeutic exercises and hot pack therapy.

Our Restorative CNA’s also work with our Meal Buddy program providing attention to encourage optimum independence with dining.

Any questions regarding our rehabilitation services may be directed to the Rehabilitation Department at 906-224-9811, Ext. 191.